Receiving Dotoku, a Journey of Recovery and Rebirth

One of the largest "dispersed settlement" in Japan is located in the Tonami Plain in western Toyama Prefecture. In this land, the word "Dotoku" has been handed down to express the dignity that people and nature create together. Rural landscape, traditional architecture, food, crafts, art... Rakudo-An is the space for travelers to experience the "Dotoku" that is manifested in everything. The food of Toyama is nurtured by the abundance of water. Art and interior design that call to us through beauty. Activities that fill the body and soul, touching on the spiritual and ecological aspects of the land. To protect the values that should not be lost, we offer these activities while at the same time providing a structure for active community revitalization. By sensing and nurturing each other, we will naturally achieve revitalization.
We hope that the joy that fills our hearts will be food for thoughts for everyone.

About "Dotoku – Virtue of the land"
"Dispersed Settlement" and "Azuma-dachi”

Rakudo-An Journal

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