Noto Peninsula earthquake : We extend our heartfelt condolences to all those affected.

2024.01.06 / News

Since the major earthquake hit the Noto Peninsula on New Year’s Day, we have been very encouraged by the many messages of concern and anxiety we have received from you. Thank you so much. At Rakudo-An, some items fell from the shelves in the boutique and restaurant, but the building and staff are all fine and we have resumed normal business operations.

We are also deeply saddened by the extensive damage in the Hokuriku region. We would like to express our deepest sympathies and wish to do our best for the earliest possible recovery.

As an organization dedicated to local revitaraization through tourism , our management company, Mizu to Takumi, has been conducting interviews with our clients and business partners to find out their situations. We have found out that the word ‘tourism’ does not only refer to accommodation and restaurants, but also to traditional industries, craftsmen, agriculture, fishing, sake brewing, temples and shrines, such a diverse range of industries and sectors have suffered from various types of damage.

A small report is available here>

At Rakudo-An, we have been contemplating ways to contribute to the future recovery of the local area and tourism industry. Since our opening, we have been donating 2% of the accommodation fees to the ‘Dispersed Settlement Conservation’ activities. However, for the time being, we have decided to allocate these funds to support relief efforts for the recent Noto Peninsula earthquake.

We hope you will visit us again soon.

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