Calligraphy Experience in a Tranquil Temple: Exploring Buddhist Philosophy through Kanji

Kouenji Temple, which can be seen from the window of the restaurant il clima in Rakudo-An. This Jodo Shinshu temple, once utilized as a primary school during the Meiji era, is a spiritual sanctuary for the local community, .

The temple is a regular stop on the Dispersed Settlement Walk, and one day, while visiting the temple with our guests, the temple’s head priest, Mr Ichikawa asked, “Would you like to try calligraphy?” The priest, who is also a calligrapher, proposed the idea to make people more familiar with the temple. Since it was so well received, it eventually became a regular experiential program.

You change into proper working attire (Samue) and choose the characters you wish to practice. The priest provides a model, then let’s practice. Mr Ichikawa guides you in holding the brush, techniques for brushwork, stroke order, and more, making the learning process accessible.

Furthermore, he explains the meaning of the kanji characters in the context of Buddhist teachings, and the experience in the solemn atmosphere of the main hall is something that only a temple can offer. This is a program that will enable you to concentrate and prepare your mind.

Number of participants1 – 5
Duration1 – 1.5h
Date and TimeIn any season and on any day of the week. However, it depends on the convenience of the temple
Participation fee (incl. tax) 5,500 yen per person ( with one large square poetry card)
Application deadline5 days prior
Venue524 Nomurajima, Tonami City, Toyama Pref (two min. walk from Rakudo-An)
Cancellation policyIn the case of customer-initiated cancellations, cancellation fees will be incurred. 50% of the tour fee for cancellations made the day before, 100% of the tour fee for same-day cancellations.
*First-time visitors and foreigners are welcome.
*This may not be possible due to the convenience of the temple. Please enquire about dates in advance.
*Samue (Japanese work clothes) and calligraphy tools are provided by the temple.
*We can also arrange transportation such as taxis or chartered buses, as well as guides in Japanese, English, or Chinese.
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