Views of ‘Sankyo-son(dispersed settlement)’, which changes its scenery from season to season.

Dispersed Settlement Bird’s-eye view (winter)

“Sankyo-son(dispersed settlement)” is a form of rice farming village where houses are dispersed amongst the rice fields. The village, which stretches over an area of approximately 220 k㎡ on a fan-shaped area of the Tonami Plain, is the largest of its kind in Japan. The village shows its beauty in every season, from spring when the entire surface is a mirror of water to winter when the landscape is covered with snow.

The landscape that has been created by people living in harmony with the principles of nature in Toyama is breathtaking. Why not take a look at the village where Rakudo-An nestles from above?

Number of participants2 – 6 persons
Duratoin1.5 hours (including travel time)
Participation fee (incl. tax) 11,000 JPY/person (incl. vehicle and guide fee)
Application deadline2 days before
With guide commentary
May not be held depending on weather conditions
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