Making original aroma spray/body oil

Workshops to make original aroma sprays or body oils by blending essential oils from Aroma Select, which are extracted from natural materials produced in Toyama Prefecture.

Enjoy a retreat with essential oils that draw on the power of the forest, such as Kuromoji, which contains linalool, which has a relaxing effect, and Japanese cedar and Japanese cypress, which refresh you with the scent of the forest.

Number of participants1 – 6
Duration1 hour
Participation fee (incl. tax) 8,800 JPY/person
Application deadlineone day before
Essential oils usedTateyama cedar, Kuromoji, cypress, lavender, Niokobushi, etc. 10 types (all made in Toyama Prefecture).
Aroma spray 45 ml / Body oil 10 ml
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